Molcajete & Mezcal Workshop

We welcome tourists in Mexico City who want to explore and learn the nuances and culture behind prehispanic food and sacred beverages. In collaboration with Mezcalli Los Gentiles, a Oaxaca based small batch mezcal, we have designed a rich experience which requires no previous kitchen experience.

During 2:30 hours we will learn about the milpa, a centuries old crop growing system. Our Chef, Alejandro Rojas González, will then guide us in the process of making two hot sauces using a molcajete, a traditional stone mortar. Since agave is such an integral part of the milpa, we will have David Hernández, Founder of #Mezcalli and a Master Mezcalier, guide us through the intricacies of this sacred beverage while we delight our senses.

Our Experience:
1. What is a milpa? How was agave domesticated?
3. Each participant will proceed to their workstation, where during the next hour and a half they will prepare two traditional hot sauce in a molcajete.
4. We will take a few minutes to taste each hot sauce with mezcal and a gourmet dish.
5. Q&A session.


  • Welcome cocktail,
  • Two Molcajete-made, Gourmet Hot Sauces,
  • Two Course Milpa Tasting &
  • Artisan wild-agave mezcal

Please let us know of any allergies or food restrictions beforehand. We are fully compromised with diversity and inclusion, so people of all backgrounds are welcome. If you are vegan, have any special dietary needs or any allergy please let us know.

Where It Will Take Place

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